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Holiday in a Luxury House in Kenya to Discover the African Wildlife

Luxury Holiday Kenya

Luxury Holiday Kenya

Kenya is among the major countries of Africa as well as an immensely popular tourist destination of the world. To have the chance to explore the wilderness, why not go and stay in one of the luxury houses in Kenya?As peace returns to Kenya there has never been a better time to go and visit this magnificent country. Kenya is one of the major countries of Africa and an immensely popular tourist destination of the world. Kenya has a large diversity of landscapes, namely mountains, beaches and desert areas. But majority of the country is covered by an open, grassy plain called savannah. The savannas are home to a multitude of animals, including lions, giraffes, leopards, antelopes, zebras, elephants, rhinoceros and many more.

Traditionally the summer months of July and August are the most popular times of year to visit. One need not worry about accommodation in Kenya as there are various luxury houses, camps and stone cottages. To avoid the wave of tourists staying in hotels, and to have the chance to explore the wilderness, why not go and stay in one of the luxury houses in Kenya?

If you choose to have luxury holiday Kenya, tourist attractions include tours of Mount Kenya, splendid beaches, and vast savannah lands. Therefore a luxury house in Kenya will allow anyone to explore their interests: tall peaks, deep canyons, waving grasslands and sandy beaches cover the land, with each region having its own landscape, climate and wildlife.

You have the opportunity to go and see some of the worlds most endangered animal species, including black rhinos, five hundred of which live in the Laikipia District. If you stay in a luxury house in Kenya you will almost certainly see and get close to game that protected and undisturbed by human contact. You will almost certainly view elephant, giraffe, leopard, lion, hyena, common zebra, and the rare Grevy’s zebra, even more endangered than the black rhino. Luxury houses in Kenya, especially in this district (one of the most favoured tourist destinations in Kenya), allow you to explore the vast plateau bordering the central Kenya highlands and the north west of Mount Kenya. Vacationing in a luxury house in this part of Kenya could be the most memorable experience of a lifetime.

The Lewa wildlife conservancy in the Laikipia district also promises elephants, leopards, zebras and gazelles. For the more adventurous individuals, camel safaris will come in handy. If you are looking for a romantic retreat, bringing the family on vacation, or travelling alone, a Laikipia adventure awaits you, and stay in a luxury house in one of Kenya’s wildlife ranches. Game Drives, bush breakfasts, escorted walks, night game drives, sundowners, hideouts all feature at houses in Kenya.

The staff that work in Kenyas luxury houses are always pleasant and friendly. And, as many of Kenya’s inhabitants speak English there will not be any sort of language barrier. The local people have always been extremely helpful, courteous and gladly welcome foreigners to their country. At night you may return to a dusk swim, watching perhaps a herd of Elephant arriving at the waterhole, and experience some absolutely memorable cuisine at your luxury house in Kenya. Luxury houses in Kenya are sometimes visited as part of organised safaris, and you’ll pay much more if you just turn up and ask for a room. So its best to book a luxury house in Kenya in advance to avoid the higher prices.

Without apparent effort, staying in Safari lodges in Kenya will allow you to move in Africa time, totally controlled by sunrise and sunset. It will be as if the real world doesn’t exist anymore, and you may find yourself viewing the abundant game from much closer than a safari vehicle. Exploring the country either high on a camel, on horseback, or on a mountain bike, Kenya awaits you.